Has Hong Kong lost its center of vice?

Has Hong Kong lost its center of vice?

Once a hotbed of sex workers and drug peddlers, Chungking Mansions, a ramshackle high-rise building in the heart of Hong Kong’s shopping district, is no longer the glossy city’s notorious core.

Built in the 1960s, Chungking Mansions has 17 floors of guesthouses and small businesses, run by people from all corners of the globe selling everything from fake electronics to gems. Long a hub for merchants from the developing world keen to turn a profit in Hong Kong, it’s said that at least 20 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s mobile phones passed through Chungking Mansions first. Meanwhile, the drugs and prostitution that also made up a big chunk of business activity gave Chungking a seedy image at odds with Hong Kong’s largely safe and sanitized aura.

But moves have been underway for the past decade to clean up the building’s image.

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