Check it out before you check into it

Hong Kong: Murder, in Our Chungking Mansions Hotel

Mar 30, 2011

Check it out before you check into it. That seems to be the moral of this traveller’s tale.

So mum and I are sitting in our tiny hostel room in Tsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong), unpacking our bags as the news plays on the TV in the background. We’ve just spent the afternoon wandering around Kowloon district happily rummaging through markets and sipping milk tea like wide-eyed school girls.

Then we hear this strange news bulletin on the telly. There’s been a brutal murder in Kowloon, on our street.

I look up at the TV. Police officers. Crime scene tape. A flashing ambulance. There’s something familiar about the images… The reporter tells us that a man has been found stabbed to death in Chungking Mansions.

Ah, hang on a second, did he say Chungking Mansions? Chungking Mansions where we are staying? Chungking Mansions, the place in the whole of Hong Kong that we happen to be sitting in that very moment?

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