One Night In Chungking Mansions

One Night In Chungking Mansions

After three flights (one of which we had to ride the lightning and break through a heavy tropical storm), 22 hours of being conscious and several repeat viewings of Monsters University on the inflight entertainment system – we had finally made it to Hong Kong.

Feeling tired, nervous and overly excited, we bounded through one of the most efficient arrivals services I have ever encountered. Clear signage to arrivals gates, heavily manned passport control that ensured a constantly flowing queue and baggage carousels big enough for an entire plane’s worth of passengers to crowd around, without causing obstruction. So far, so good.

We boarded the A21 bus (which was a quarter of the price of the MTR at 33HKD/4.2USD), which we were assured would drop us right outside where we would be spending our first night in Hong Kong. It was the first time I had hopped on a double decker bus since being home so nostalgia was at an all-time high.

This may be slightly hard to explain but I have never truly felt like I was in the Asia I’d pictured as an untraveled kid, until I had seen Chinese writing used as primary form of instruction. While travelling Southeast Asia, the symbols used were just not as aesthetically sharp and cool as Chinese scripture so you can imagine my total awe at the bus pulling in, with destinations written in the way that I had always invisioned.

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One Night In Chungking Mansions


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