Minority paradise

Minority paradise

Chung King Mansion

By Fiona Lau

Known as a “minority paradise”, Chung King Mansion is a 17-storey building situated in Tsim Sha Tsui.The building was very famous when it was built in 1961 because it had the most advanced escalators and the largest shopping centre in Hong Kong. Its owner, Mr. Choi Po Tim, was a Chinese from the Philippines.During the ’70s, most of its residential units turned into guesthouses for poor tourists, mostly from Southeast Asia, because of the high profitability.

People today seem to have forgotten Chung King Mansion’s glamorous history except for its accommodation of minority people. Today, it accommodates hundreds of Indians, Pakistanis, and Nepalese, not to mention travellers from other places.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of many local Chinese, Chung King Mansion is a place of mystery.

While some visitors find the building a confusing maze of corridors and stalls, others enjoy the atmosphere.

“Every passage in Chung King Mansion looks the same,” said a 20-year-old student. “Walking inside is like walking in a maze. It made me feel unsafe,” he added, conceding that he had been there only once.

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