A Culinary Tour of Chungking Mansions

A Culinary Tour of Chungking Mansions



Walking into the main entrance of Hong Kong’s Chungking Mansions is like walking into crossfire. It’s an immediate assault of sound and color: Neon signs blink, racing against each other, calling out to every passer-by to buy or sell or trade. Every cell phone model under the sky is advertised, iPhones hawked alongside ancient Nokias.

Pakistani and Indian men shove menus into your hands and guide you into elevators that will take you to their employers’ establishments, their shouts of do-you-want-dinner? and Indian-food-Indian-food! like verbal buckshot. Yet the salmon-esque flow of pedestrians never stops. Give it a few decades, and it might look a little like Ridley Scott’s vision of dystopic Los Angeles in Blade Runner.

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